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Microsoft Office FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage is a program for creating high level web-sites
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Microsoft FrontPage is an easy to learn and comfortable Web-editor for designing, preparing and publishing web-sites. Due to an integration with the family of MS Office products, used interface and abundance of the templates, this program allows one, even a beginner, to cope with work quickly, knowing only the basics of work with the MS Word. And it's wrong to say that FrontPage is a solution for "clumsy users": this program offers wide functional opportunities and different tools of optimization of collective developement, it allows to create dynamic complicated web-sites of practically any complexity.

The latest version of this product FrontPage 2003 showed up at the end of the year and made its fans happy by featuring many improvements. An improved graphics support in FrontPage 2003 simplifies the work with images from other applications. For instance, FrontPage 2003 supports script writing for Flash-objects. And in order to include a Macromedia Flash object into the Web-site, it is sufficient to drag it into the working space of FrontPage.

Dynamic Web-templates that appeared in the new version allow to determine the sections of web-sites available for editing. With updating the file of the main template, all corrections spread automatically to all pages connected to the selected template.

FrontPage successfully combines the possibilities of using the visual designer and instruments for editing the code. In the new version of this program, there appeared a new split window, which includes two sections: "Design" and "Code". In the "Design" window, one works in the WYSIWYG mode. And in the "Code" window, an automatical update of the code is realized when the model is modified. The complex design tools allow one to enhance the quality of a created code and improve programming skills.

FrontPage 2003 generates effective HTML-code that does not contain redundancy, which is seen in MS Word. The tools for writing scenes offer opportunities for an interactive communication with the guests. The intellectual search and replace function realize searching and replacing the attributes and tags on given pages. With this, one may set complicated rules of searching and replacing, which lets quickly update a web-site. FrontPage offers an opportunity for optimizing HTML-code written in other applications, at the expense of deleting redunant tags, spaces, etc. The Microsoft Intelligence technology lets reduce the probability of mistakes during the program code writing due to automatic ending of the operators and indication of the parameters available for the composed code. This function is used for HTML, CSS, XSL, JSCript, VBScript, JavaScript and ASP.NET. The developer JScript allows adding an ineractivity function, without a need to write any code line: it is sufficient to choose from the list of so-called behaviour functions - and the rest is done automatically. Improved publishing functional opportunities of FrontPage 2003 accelerate the disposal of web sites on the Internet.

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  • FrontPage 2003 is very easy to use even for beginners
  • Any users can create high quality sites, using this application
  • It's very fun to work with


  • FrontPage 2003 is an old version

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rating viswa
It's very nice.

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Because it is very easy to use for students and beginners

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why in microsoft office 2009 there is no m.o.frontpage?

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Caleb Stein
Because they have moved on to Sharepoint Designer and Expression Web. I still use Frontpage.

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